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1975 Fine Art Award for Sculpture – Contemporary Hong Kong Art
(Hong Kong Museum of Art – Hong Kong)
1978 The 10th International Sculpture Conference Hong Kong Representative
(Toronto, Canada)
1980 Participants of the International Visitors Program “Art in America” Multi-Regional Project Trip to USA (Sponsored by ICA and IIE)
1981 Festival of France – Ten Days Project
(Aix-en-Provence, France)
1982 NY Award
(The Brooklyn Arts and Cultural Association)
1987 Yomoma Arts Group Award
(The Best Community Arts Service) (City Hall, NY)
1989 Five New York Art Now Street Collaboration
Project-Funded & Invited by Hankyu Five Osaka, Japan
1994 Talented Artist Certificate (Award)
Art Commission of the City of New York (NYC)
1998 Emeritus Fellowship
(Arts Development Council – Hong Kong)
1998 Urban Council Fine Art Award for Mixed Media (Contemporary Hong Kong Art – Hong Kong)
2006 中國行為藝術文獻展優異獎

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