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8. danny 11:56:16, 2007-04-25
email  您好:蛙王
7. Kenneth Hui Chun Pong 22:12:01, 2007-04-17
email  Hello uncle Kwok,
My name is Kenneth Hui, eldest son of Stanley Hui Sin Chun. I'm not sure if you still remember him, but he will come back from Toronto end of April. Just wonder if you are free to have a dinner with us. Please feel free to contact me by email.
6. 管理員 19:41:52, 2007-04-17
5. tommy仔 21:20:03, 2007-03-24
email  蛙王叔叔好cool呀!!
4. Oi Lai 04:05:15, 2007-03-09
email  Hi Frogking, I don't know you personally, but my sister Oi Mei becomes your big "fans" after visiting you just one time and have your pictures framed beautifully in our little shop. I am really curious about you. But, one thing has been hanging in my mind --- she said you really miss your mother much, and she is a very good Christian. I understand immediately that because your mother is the only woman on earth who loves you unconditionally with all her heart and all her mind without asking you anything in returns. You can never find another woman who loves you that much. If she is a very good Christian, the only thing she wants you to do is to believe in God so you both can meet in the heaven again.

Oi Lai
3. 明記 14:15:23, 2007-02-23
2. 小蛙 14:21:10, 2007-02-15
1. 管理員 14:53:23, 2007-02-09

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